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Retail Sales Dashboard

Our sales organization needs more than data, we need real insight, and we need it in time. Hand-prepared reports from in-house analysts are simply too cumbersome.
Client’s CEO

Client Need

Our client – a retail company with more than 20 supermarkets – ostensibly had a good sales reporting system. The problem was that there were too many sources of data and no effective way to quickly and effectively draw valid conclusions from them.

The Solution

We connected our Business Intelligence (BI) Solution to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system database. With this integration, all the required data (sales, purchase orders, stock delivery, stock availability, & customer data) became easily accessible through the visualizations like KPIs, graphs, and tables. Furthermore, the analysis was enhanced with customer data & behavior – two points which allowed the client to use systematic and reliable historical data to take more intelligent business decisions. 

The application was developed with both industry-proven metrics, as well as bespoke measurements aligning with their business needs. 

The results were structured as a high-level dashboard with product, region, and customer focused analyses. This information was presented with filtering options, as well as both as static and time-series development of the key measurements. The result was not only a descriptive but a prescriptive overview was achieved giving the client valuable insights into what causes its customers to take specific actions.


  • A scalable application that drives productivity, grows revenue, and reduces risk

  • A way to effectively implement corporate strategy at the store level

  • Hourly data analysis allowing for fast responses

  • At a glance industry KPIs: Gross Sales, Net Sales, Profit, and Stock availability  for analysis

  • Analysis of Customer loyalty program effectiveness

  • Ability to  improve sales target and monitor target-to-observed-sales progression on an ongoing basis

  • Managers ability to pin-point sales opportunities, hence revenue and profitability



  • A chain of 20 shops for alcohol and tobacco

  • A chain of 30 supermarkets for fruits, vegetables and glossary

  • A chain of 35 supermarkets

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