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Who we are

Centrycs is а fast-growing boutique Consultancy Company operating in the Advanced Analytics, Data Science and BI area of expertise. We transform data into answers! We support our customers throughout the way of turning innovative technologies into sustainable products - from idea generation, during the execution process, till the production line and operation of the advanced analytics solutions.
The company is based in the European Union and is operating under flexible and transparent structure, which allows our team to scale on every сustomer's request quickly and with a sense of a personal touch.
Our mission is to enable the data for our customers by bringing together top Data scientists, Machine Learning experts, BI consultants, deep industry expertise, and personal commitment in order to meet the individual business needs of each customer.

What we do

Centrycs team consists of experienced hardcore data professionals. Our aim is to provide comprehensive design thinking workshops that includes strategic planning, design and implementation services. We support businesses on their way through the change management in the most transparent way possible. We leverage professional counselling, support and monitoring in order to improve every customer’s goals causing inevitable success.

The key to success is the complete understanding of the impact of state-of-the-art technologies, industrialization and global implementation of identified analytics.

Using our in-depth industry knowledge and proven track record we help our customers to identify the right use-cases for analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Based on our industry proven portfolio we perform entirely ad-hoc,bespoke Machine Learning & Business Intelligence solutions development.

One of Centrycs aims is to provide innovative and state-of-the-art solutions to ideas and processes which are already in production. We intend to help our clients select the most realistic solutions that will add business value in the shortest deadlines possible. We adjust cost, engineering elegance, practical fit, enterprise alignment and tactical direction for our customers in order to choose logical, achievable and cost efficient solutions.

How we do it

Centrycs team is devoted and enthusiastic about our area of expertise and our customers. Our work management extents from A to Z and every customer receives unparalleled guidance throughout the whole digital journey. Customers acquire everything they need from our experienced project and program managers, data scientists, data engineers, who believe and practically live in customer data analysis, bespoke design and enterprise frameworks.

Based on our experience we offer the right set of technical and functional skills required to define, implement and maintain advanced analytics models and big data platforms for anyone who is interested in. Through the years we successfully managed to develop a value-driven, hands-on and individual approach to providing BI, AI and Data Science services regardless of the business!

Our high-end professionals will boost your business through both bespoke as well as industry-proven off-the-shelf analytical solutions. Furthermore, aligning to your IT infrastructure maturity level and business goals we will always on a quest to be: data-agnostic, company size-agnostic & platform-agnostic.

The foundation of our success lies on transparency and proficiency!

Our achievements

In a relatively short period of time, Centrycs team has become one of the most reliable sources in the area of BI, AI and Data Science. We managed to shorten the gap between academia and business presenting our knowledge in the most understanding and compelling way possible. In the past year we went strong into giving back to the university community, especially in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was a great pleasure for us to take part in two events within the Sofia University with which we have signed a contractual agreement we are proud of.
We always offer business-holistic analytical attitude. Our utmost focus is efficiency and bottom line advancement for our clients. We always stick to those values as our focus holds on the future: opportunities, company organization, customer satisfaction and lines of services and products. Our team is and always has been on a quest to deliver valuable cutting edge advanced analytics solutions.

Our core values are

Enthusiasm, Competence and Integrity