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Our know-how transformed into a service for you


Data Science

The future is reflection of the past. Using statistical learning, domain knowledge, coding skills, business-case development and presentation and of course… some hacking… our skilled experts will get out most from your data in order to: automate your process, enhance your business strategies, hence make the best decision for the future. Become a data-driven company now.

Business Intelligence

Alignment and validation of variety of data sources is just the beginning. After connecting all useful information in a trustworthy manner (your data model) we leverage the magnifying glass of the visual analytics toolkit to further explain what has happened, your current efforts output and, of course, set proper expectations about the future. And we make all that beautiful!

Design-thinking workshops

Aligning to your current IT infrastructure we make the best proposition for further analytical improvements. This is a combined effort – our data scientists and bi experts will align to your business processes and strategy expectations to achieve best results. We are on the strike to achieve high-end performance while still being data-agnostic, company size-agnostic & platform-agnostic.

Hands-on implementation

We do not stop at the stage of PowerPoint slides with suggestions and statistics. Based on the design-thinking workshops, our experts will dedicate themselves to a high-quality execution of the analytical exercise using the technology that fits best. Which technology? Well, we are very well acquainted with a few: R, Python, Dataiku, AWS Sagemaker, SAS, Matlab, Qlik, PowerBi, Tablue. The implementation is a collaborative, interactive and transparent process for our clients in which we can ongoingly deploy all the necessary adjustments to solve the business case and meet your strategy expectations while iterating through the analytical exercise.